Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Platinum Day of Love



    These days a wedding is no longer considered as a holy sacrament alone. In addition to that, A wedding is a celebration of two individuals coming together. A celebration calls for a grand party. A wedding is a grand affair. Hence the term "Big Fat wedding" is used to denote the scale and grandeur of the wedding. 


    It is no surprise that weddings are an expensive affair! Weddings are now performance. Weddings are a cornucopia of good food, music, and dance. But all these are cliched and are done and dusted. Now it is the trends to have a professional photoshoot for your wedding!


    Why Is It Important?


    Weddings are about making memories and flaunting those memories. What better way to capture your love by capturing the moment before the big day? Pre-wedding photoshoots are now in trend and are as important as photoshoots during the wedding or after. 


    This is because pre-wedding photoshoots capture the couple alone in their moment of love unfiltered and devoid of all the distractions. Pre-wedding photoshoots are shot in scenic and romantic settings and feature the couple striking poses and being together. The setting and background are just as important.


    Pre-wedding photoshoots may seem unnecessary but are worth it when you look at it a few years after your wedding. It can invoke emotional feelings, and the pictures can restore that love and affection you had before getting married.


    Everyone goes through a rush of excitement and nervousness before your wedding. A pre-wedding photoshoot can remind you what those feelings were and help you feel nostalgic. This will only strengthen the bond between the couple. 


    How Can You Get It Done?


    Pre-wedding photoshoots can be done according to the wishes and desires of the couple. Some couples might want a low-key shoot with a simple setting at the park; some couples chose to include their pet animals, and some couples go all out and have grand photoshoots which are no less than their actual wedding photoshoot. It completely depends on what you want.


    But you might be thinking, won't hiring a professional photographer be expensive? The answer is yes, it is. But the good news is that you can do it by yourself. You can ask a close friend or someone from your family to capture the moment for you. It captures your raw love and is more real than having a professional tell you how to pose, where to stand, how to stand, instruct you on what to do etc. 


    What's important is to have good lighting and a good camera. You can get good lighting for free by doing your pre-wedding photoshoot outside in daylight. What about the camera? A good professional camera can be quite expensive, especially if it is a good brand. 


    But don't worry because you can buy a camera on rent at the best prices. It is far cheaper than hiring a professional or buying a camera! Depending on how your photoshoot is chosen a camera with the specializations you need, and the rest depends on your photographer's abilities! Hence, you don't have to worry much about it as you can buy a camera on rent at the best prices. 


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